'alpabiram', meaning comma

Director Narayan Puri is releasing yet another promising film called ALPABIRAM. Starring Rama Thapaliya (the lady we see in many of Santosh Panta's Hijo Aaja ka Kura), Bijaya Lama, Ramchandra Adhikari and my all time favourite Sunil Pokharel. I remember Sunil's first acting in television and although I was of too small age to critisize acting styles, I had liked his performance from the very beginning. It was in a tele-serial shown in Nepal Television (2049/2050 B.S.), where he went by the name Ojha, a new unwanted immigrant to the village - well... with radical opinions! Radical in a sense that the serial was based on a village somewhere in the hilly region, the main script being derived from a novel related to social issues. Anyway.

Alpabiram is bringing, for the first time in celluloid, the subject of maoist revolution and its direct impact on society. It shows the encounter of a wounded shelter-seeking maoist and a raiding-policeman together inside the same house unbeknownst of each other's existence. The host, an old lady, keeps one of them upstairs and the other downstairs. Meanwhile a group of expats (minstrel) returning back home, happen to arrive at the lady's house looking for shelter. The lady obligingly provides consent. At night the expats share their stories with the lady where they mention that once this village used to be their home and because of the intervention of maoist, they were forced to flee as expats seeking normal life, after being frustrated from everday fight of police against rebels in their village.
I should should stop here before I give away the whole story. It is better to wait for the release date. But I cannot watch it in the hall because I am in Cairo while it is going to release in Kathmandu soon. Hopefully I'll catch it in video CD.


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