torrents of BitTorrent

Yes, the next software I tried was BitTorrent, the king of p2p file sharing applications. It is a rumour that users of BitTorrent are responsible for ~35% of all traffic on the Internet. That's pretty lot going on!

My frist encounter with BitTorrent was when Longhorn was first reported to be leaked from Microsoft - yes the news was not just fake - but it was true because at that time its torrent link was floating all over the net, in fact Sen had even given me to try one. Well, I tried but unfortunately, I could never complete the download because some seeders and leechers had evaporated.

BitTorrent is full of catchy jargons like seeder, leecher, etc. and I was confused at first but a quick look at its faq section was really helpful. In fact I was starting to like the program after using for only around 15 minutes - again thanks to the internet connection at ICT. The first search I made was "Garden State", which was suggested by Nira. Plenty of torrents came up for the movie and I left to download one fast type, after which I returned back home. Hm... this is a strong sign that I'm going to need a larger hard disk. No, really!


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