alex hitchens and sara melas

Hitch is a story that happens between every boy and girl walking down the love lane. Well, not EVERY boy and girl – at least leaving the exceptions, of course! Hitch portrays the love saga of countless Alex Hitchenses and Sara Melases searching answers about the love of their lives. If you are not one of them, then pass this movie on.

Will Smith plays the mysterious Hitch, the love guru, aka, the date doctor, that every guy craves for finding – because Hitch is a magician of girls! He is popular as a person who can guide them in getting the girl they want. At the centre of the story, Eva Mendes plays Sara, the workaholic gossip columnist for The Daily Standard. Hitch creates, tutors and follows the rule that every girl can be swept off her feet in any given day; whereas Sara is the stubborn beauty who just doesn’t believe in love.

Hitch is the chemistry between these extremes – a chemistry that searches for a balanced reaction, indeed! Love stories need not be your forte, Hitch is just the show for you.


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