an impossible love story

Abhay is a lonesome geek trying hard to grab the attention of the gorgeous Alisha. Alisha, who studies in the same college as Abhay, is completely unaware of his existence. Surprisingly enough, Alisha leaves college mid-semester never to be seen again, and Abhay is left alone with just the memories of Alisha.

Fast forward seven years, and Abhay still misses Alisha desperately. Meanwhile through his post-grad years Abhay has developed a revolutionary software – the mother of all operating systems, which he wants to sell to a prospective IT company. But to Abhay’s disappointment, his software gets stolen in the process.

Thus, a determined Abhay embarks to Singapore where he believes his software is taken and about to be released by a giant company. Now Abhay has but to battle against all odds to reclaim his stolen software from the company whose PR chief is none other than Alisha herself.

Pyaar Impossible is a new generation story that idealizes love, passion and caring.


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