the amazing fact generator

A quick fact now and then is a fun thing to know. Needless to say, interesting facts can be shared at parties, at chit-chats, and during gather-ups! Just think how cool it would sound if you knew that:

  • Because of the angle that the oesophagus enters the stomach, horses are physically unable to vomit.
  • Picky linguists will tell you that the feminine version of “dude” is “dudine,” not “dudette.”
  • The first documented bank notes came from China. The bills were one-foot-square pieces of white deerskin with colourful borders, and were used as early as 118 BC.
  • Wilbur and Orville weren’t the only Wright Brothers. They had two older brothers, Reuchlin and Lorin, plus a younger sister, Katharine.
  • In 1759, Arthur Guinness leased St James’s Gate brewery (where they brew Guinness) for 9,000 years for 45 pounds a year.
  • Aluminium used to be so hard to produce that it was valued higher than gold. Napoleon III even had all of his fine cutlery made of aluminium.

These, and a lot of other facts were generated with the amazing fact generator here.


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