automatically generate your expenditure bills

Ok. This one is not for real. But this one is definitely for a little fun to do with that extra money you already spent, for which you want receipts to stay out of trouble. So load the page here. Then put the amount you want to spend. It’ll do the rest. As for me I spent some $234 in the restaurant, that I shouldn’t have spent; and later I generated some bills, the snippets of which are shown here.


This tool was in fact, built by Maloney & Porcelli restaurant, probably as a promotion for their online reservation. It says in their homepage,

Now you can eat at Maloney & Porcelli as often as you like and never worry about your expense report raising any eyebrows. Simply type in your bill total below and the expense report generator will do the rest.

So next time you have some spare money that you’ve already spent, just remember the figure you spent and head to this amazing expenditure bills generator.


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