black toothpaste is healthy & refreshing

Last week a friend asked me in the morning if I had ever used black toothpaste. Since I had never even seen black toothpaste, I notified of my ignorance towards such exotic commodity; and later out of curiosity I did a search on the Internet. No wonder I did find it in Japan, a place of varied and exotic ideas! It seems that Kobayashi Seiyaku, a pharmaceutical company has been selling black Sumigaki toothpaste since 2003.


It turns out that Sumigaki toothpaste is made primarily out of charcoal - or carbon, that effectively helps in removing plaque, eliminates bad-breath, prevents tooth-decay and stops cavity; and the mint flavour refreshes your mouth. Besides, the carbon present in the charcoal actively whitens your teeth. Its chemical composition is that of water, phosphoric acid, charcoal, glycerin, cellulose, and a few other compounds.

After nine years, this toothpaste is still a hit in many countries, and the only reason is that Sumigaki has been able to interpret black as a colour of health, quality, simplicity and efficiency. So what is next - black ear-buds, black after-shave, black mousse, black shaving-cream and black cologne?

And while you're at it, check out the square (or cubic) watermelons that Japanese farmers have been growing.


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