brand [new] war

It was a dreamscape. I had been walking for almost a hundred miles. I was fatigued and exhausted to the limit. Alone in the haunting vastness of the endless desert I felt as if I was about to explode. No sign of human habitation could be seen, not even a bird chirped anywhere, not even a tree whistled!

Suddenly, a soothing breeze swept by; but it was strange because I could almost hear it saying softly HOW ARE YOU. At first I could not believe my ears, after all who could be talking to me in the middle of the desert? It must have been just a passing thought. I tried to ignore it and moved along. After a few steps, I heard the same voice for the second time. It said CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? GOOD. I felt afraid for a moment because this time I was definite about the voice. Nobody was in sight but it was a strange fear that crept up in me. I stood still for a few seconds, gathered my senses and tried to carry on but immediately following a third breeze, the fell-voice said, COME TO WHERE THE FLAVOR IS. I was so terrified this time that before the sentence was even complete, I almost tripped over!!!

From nowhere a big M with a golden arch appeared. It said YOU DESERVE A BREAK. Immediately from behind the M, a walker with a hat and bow-tie said KEEP WALKING. What was happening was obviously strange but the way it was happening, was somehow funny. I was wondering what to say or do, when suddenly a six-foot tall chocolate stick walked up to me and said, HAVE A BREAK, HAVE A KITKAT! Meanwhile, a huge cigarette emerged from underneath shouting YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY; please do continue. Only then, I was beginning to see where things were going. On one hand I was being urged to take a break and on the other, I was being pushed to continue my journey. Clearly, I had to make a choice.

At this point although I was mentally refreshed, physically I was dog-tired. I truly needed rest. All of a sudden, a pair of ten-foot long shoes came walking up to me and said in a commanding voice, yeah; you need rest – JUST DO IT. Of course they were right! I was about to sit down on the ground where a spark emerged from underneath, which after a tiny explosion yielded a long wound-wire with a mouth and a coiled body. It shouted for once – REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE before collapsing into a circuit-board which buzzed to me, if you move along THE POSSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE; please do not rest.

Oh, it was such a huge dilemma because everything was happening so instantaneously that I barely had enough time to think or act. I was getting hounded and ordered while at the same time I was getting into incremental confusion. In a loud voice, I shouted back to them in order to provide me some time and to stop nettling me continuously. Yes, folks who urged me to rest were right and equally right were those who told me to move on. Thus, I decided to listen to both of them – I decided to travel as well as well as rest at the same time. I had to eat an apple of course, in order to THINK DIFFERENT for achieving this but I came to a wonderful solution – to FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES. With hope in mind, I requested them whether I could have an airplane!

They liked my idea so much that in no time they produced a jet out of nowhere. In a loud cheerful voice, pointing towards the plane they all said – it is THE ULTIMATE FLYING MACHINE that is designed for TAKING YOU FORWARD – all the time IT KEEPS GOING, AND GOING, AND GOING… Wow, it was such a relief even to see the jet.

On board, there were very few passengers. At first it seemed to be a chartered plane for dignitaries since everybody was dressed in expensive office-suits as if for an upcoming grand meeting. Most of them were busy with their handhelds and laptops – maybe preparing presentations or collecting data! With the plane taken off steadily, I was wandering my gaze among the other passengers when a smart air-hostess came forward. She had brought food for me. BEANS MEANZ HEINZ, she quoted, since you look hungry I brought some extra-calorie beans – they are good for health! I refused straight away. Probably seeing me in a tensed mood she offered some chocolates – A MARS A DAY HELPS YOU WORK, REST AND PLAY, she said. I refused again. She took a step back and stood in front of me looking confused!

My mood was not yet refreshed and I was beginning to think that THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for pleasure tonight except the beans and the chocolates. However, with dim hope, I asked her, if she wanted to help me she could give me THE BEST A MAN CAN GET! As if involuntarily, she bent down closer and said softly in a tempting voice – Hmm, so you wanna feel THE REAL THING tonight – you wanna OBEY YOUR THIRST? I nodded gently. She responded with a suggestive gesture, brought her lips close to my ears and whispered – then all you have to do tonight is LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING. I asked her whether there was a catch involved, to which she replied with confidence – ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY OVERNIGHT!
I was fully satisfied by her service, really, she’s the best air hostess I’ve ever met. MAYBE SHE’S BORN WITH IT? MAYBE IT’S MAYBELLINE.If you're interested, then design your own slogan here. WHAT SHALT THOU SLOGAN BE?


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