open yourself to open-source

A friend of mine has been trying to get into using Linux based Open Source software, however, due to the unmanaged > 200 Gigs of stored content in his Windows Xp machine, he has not been able to format it and install Ubuntu Linux. At this point, there are hundreds of duplicate files; and (seemingly) important files that are scattered throughout the remotest folders possible. As a result, his machine is beginning to get crappy and slow. He said he is now actually motivated to switch to Ubuntu Linux. Last week he showed me a list of software suited for Ubuntu.

  • Animation: Blender
  • Audio Player: Amarok, JuK, XMMS
  • Audio Editor: Ardour, Audacity
  • CD Burner: k3b
  • Desktop Publisher: Scribus
  • Email: KMail, Thunderbird
  • Graphics: GIMP, Inkscape
  • Gaming: Chromium, GnuChess, Lbreakout2, Tuxracer, XBill
  • Instant Messenger: GAIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Xchat
  • Office Suite: Open Office
  • Video Editor: Cinelerra, Jahshaka, KdEnlive, Kino
  • Video Player: mPlayer, Xing Player
  • Web Browser: Firefox, Konqueror, Opera
  • Web Editor: Mozilla Composer, NVU

Due to the rising popularity of Open Source software, many new users are increasingly getting attracted to Linux. The main reasons for the popularity of OS software are their variety, increasing reliability and freedom of distribution.

What do you want to use today?


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