beware of -ware - II

Greenware: A type of otherware which requests the user to help the environment to "register" the software.
Guiltware: A piece of freeware decorated with a message telling one how long and hard the author worked on it and intimating that one is a no-good freeloader if one does not immediately send the poor suffering martyr gobs of money.
Hardware: Computer hardware is the physical part of a computer, including the digital circuitry, as distinguished from the computer software that executes within the hardware.
Liveware / Meatware / Wetware: Human beings (programmers, operators, administrators) attached to a computer system, as opposed to the system's hardware or software.
Malware: Malicious software intended to cause consequences the unwitting user would not choose; especially by use of virus or Trojan horse.
Otherware / Requestware: It is a collective term referring to software that is not distributed as freeware, shareware or commercial software.
Payware: Commercial software.
Postcardware: A kind of shareware that borders on freeware, in that the author requests only that satisfied users send a postcard of their home town or something.
Psychedelicware: A program with the same approximate purpose as a kaleidoscope: to make pretty pictures.
Ransomware: Software offered as open source in exchange for payment.
Registerware: Refers to computer software which requires the user to give personal information through registration in order to download or use the program.
Shareware: A kind of freeware for which the author requests some payment, usually in the accompanying documentation files or in an announcement made by the software itself. Such payment may or may not buy additional support or functionality.
Sheflware: Software purchased on a whim (by an individual user) or in accordance with policy (by a corporation or government agency), but not actually required for any particular use. Therefore, it often ends up on some shelf.
Shovelware: A slipshod compilation of software dumped onto a CD-ROM without much care for organization or even usability.
Software: software is a general term used to describe a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that perform some task on a computer system.
Spyware: Software which, when installed by a user insufficiently enlightened to avoid it, enables third parties to snoop the user's hard drive or monitor their network transactions.
Treeware: Printouts, books, and other information media made from pulped dead trees.
Vaporware: Products announced far in advance of any release (which may or may not actually take place).

A good glossary of computer terms is found here.


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