floating bed from amsterdam

No, it's true. The slab that is seen levitating is actually a bed. Floating 40 cm high, unsupported, this bed is the first of its kind - which looks like Trek stuff but if not the ultra-geek thing, it is based on the basic principles of a magnet - that opposite poles attract & similar poles repel. With sets of repelling magnets built on the floors and into the bed, it is capable of holding up to 900 kg. This means it could be used as dining table or a sofa, too.

To sleep on this bed, it looks as though sleepers are required to remove bracelets, chains, earrings, piercings, ATM cards and similar magnetic items before going to bed. But the story is not so. Magnetic fields are greatly reduced at the top - so no worrying about erased data on your cards, says the creator.


aeolus said…
whether you sleep on floating bed or bed which is supported by legs..ultimate thing is that you fall asleep and deram.
so just to fall asleep ....why do we need floating bed!! disgusting !!!
Manu said…
Aeolus, perhaps this post is realted to the thing on which we sleep; and not the sleep itself, you Kumbhe!

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