snowfall in kathmandu

Snowfall started today in Kathmandu at around 2:05 PM local time. It had been raining since yesterday night, with the Meteorogical Department announcing today morning that this heavy rainfall would continue throughout the day. Maybe they did not want to let the surprise out, which is why folks at the Meteolrogical Department made no comments about the incoming snowfall.

Local residents in Koteshwar came out on their roofs to witness this rare event while school children danced with joy at the sight which they had never seen before. "We are excited", said Samy Malla, who was holding out hands to feel the snowfall. Meanwhile, people at coffee shops and restaurants came out on the street to experience their first snowfall in Kathmandu City. Thirty-six year old Pasa, who runs a grocery store in Koteshwar, said, "I have never seen snowfall in our city and I'm shutting down the store today to play with my kids in the snow." However, the snowfall didn't last long as expected by Pasa, because it suddenly stopped at around 2:25 PM, followed by heavy rain. As of now, while I'm writing this post, the rain has stopped and the electricity is back.

"It was indeed a rare moment for those who saw the rainfall", said a 71 year old lady, according to whom, the last time it snowed in Kathmandu was in 1946 AD.


Prabs said…
wow this is so nice isn't it..we dont have to go to Phulchoki or daman or other place to play with snow.we all were very happy and indeed it was good time to forget about the world and enjoy cotton like snow falling.And even though people of kathmandu had to wait 62 years to see snow fall in kathmandu, and every one was enjoying this moment. Hopefull we all do not have to wait another 62 years to see snow fall in kathmandu!!! l

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