google chrome first look

Chromium is a hard brittle, metallic element resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. That is how Chromium is defined. In periodic tables you will find that its symbol is Cr and that its atomic number is 24. Probably based on the idea that Chromium is resistant to rust (or downfall for that matter), Google has named its brand new sparkling web browser as Chrome.

At the very first look, Chrome is pretty neat and clean with ample space for windows, and therefore the contents. There are no unnecessary attention-grabbing, shouting buttons that you are supposed to click. Instead, things are where you want them. This was what is impressive of Chrome in the first place. It sports a single minimalist streamlined bar containing all necessary controls such as navigation, address bar and the settings. The bookmarks are tucked away neatly in a second bar that toggles on and off using a simple keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+B). I must admit, the bookmarks manager is one of the most user friendly ones I’ve ever used. Plus a new feature, something called Inspect Element is probably what is created to please web developers, no doubt!

Settings can be configured according to your liking, and in a much easier way without having to face all the bells & whistles and technical jargons that sometimes confuse even the good ones of us. I must confess, Chrome has been built with user-friendliness in mind while at the same time there are features that are appealing to advanced users and curious folks. For example, a surprisingly innovative feature of Chrome is the inclusion of a task manager within the web browser. It provides individual monitoring of each tabs (yes, it is tabbed browsing, and quite a flexible one); and their detailed information that Chrome calls stats for nerds. Surprisingly enough, there is also an incognito mode, one which lets you become naughty on the web…..., ok, you got the point!

Amid all these features, you may begin to wonder that Google is all about search in the first place; so isn’t there a Google Search Toolbar or something included? It seems that developers of Chrome are one step ahead – and have profoundly designed an address bar that doubles as a search bar. Genuine, eh? Chrome is one original piece. Believe me.


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