microcosmos - le peuple de l'herbe

Claude Nuridsany and crew goes to a rural meadow in France to capture insect activities in their amazing camera. Using sophisticated closeup lenses, time-lapse photography and a lot of patience, they have managed to capture fascinating shots that are as rare as waterbombs. Featuring the life of insects, Microcosmos is a documentary film that shows a wide range of insect activities including but not limited to interactions such as kissing, mating, dueling, hunting, working and eating.
The amazing music composed by Bruno Coulais complements well with the amazing documentary; however, the lack of narration can be quite easily felt during the entire one and a half hour of the show - but then nothing is perfect to the satisfaction of everybody. Most of the show is filled with sounds from insects while occassionally accompanied by contextual music and sound effects. However, not all insects and their sounds are familiar unless you are a zoologist specializing in arthropods. This is a highly recommended documentary for all ages because of the uniqueness of its contents.


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