extract audio clip from vcd

VirtualDub is a small, yet deceptively powerful program useful for video editors. Virtual Dub started out as a pet project at ECE lab at UCSB. At its homepage, there is a line of text that says, PROOF THAT I HAD TOO MUCH FREE TIME IN COLLEGE - quite a nice way to say it! You can use VirtualDub for frame-by-frame editing, applying video effects and extracting audio or video clips as necessary. Here is how to extract a song from a movie CD using VirtualDub.

First open the movie in VirtualDub. Now, in the Audio menu, make sure the Direct Stream Copy option is selected. After the options are saved, select the portion you want to extract. Just move the Timeline slider until you reach the starting point of the song you want to extract. Press HOME to mark the start position of the song. Now move the slider until you reach the end position of the song you want to extract. Press END to mark this option. Click on File > Save Wav and enter the location where you want to save this file as Temp.wav. As WAV files are uncompressed format, this will be a huge file but don't worry, you can convert this file to MP3 later, using encoders such as RazorLame.

via digit 2005.01


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