impressively creative cpu mods

In an age when desktop computers are already gathering dust on top of desks all over the world; in a time when laptops, too, are gradually being considered a secondary device in favour of tablets – I present you some insanely creative CPU modifications (*from some old pictures lying around in my folders). These must be from around 2004, 2005 – it is hard to remember; but certainly these are impressive mods – kudos to the creators.






These machines were probably 1 Gig RAM with 1700 MHz processor but the web, too, was 1.0; and today while the world is impatiently waiting for scrolls to replace tablet computers, these CPU mods silently echo an era that just passed us by. Yes, things were slow back then, but there was a charm to the sound of 28.8K modems loudly connecting to the Internet. Back then, these mods were some of the best things you saw for a whole week!


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