new uses for your old ipad

Here are some thoughts on why you can stick to your iPad 2 for the time being and not hurry to buy the new iPad immediately.

Now that the third generation new iPad is here, it definitely makes the iPad 2 look clumsy. After all, the new iPad has almost double the amount the RAM, an improved processor, a visually dynamic retina display and twice the screen resolution. No doubt the iPad 2 is out of show.


But is it really? Although a step older, the iPad 2 is still one of the best media-consumption devices in the market. It still has a considerable amount of processing power for your applications. It still has great functions. Here are some tasks for which iPad was created in the first place:

  • Reading Your Books: You can read all your books and your comics, too. Comics on iPad are great; retina display or not.
  • Listening to Your Songs: You don’t really need a retina display to listen to your songs, do you?
  • Watching Videos: HD videos can surely benefit from a retina display, but seriously, are you an HD-only person? After all, you cannot ignore the fact that nearly all videos you watch on the Internet are standard definition. So it just doesn’t make a huge difference. Yet.
  • Surfing the Internet: On a side-by-side comparison, is there a website that can be opened by Safari on the new iPad and not by Safari of iPad 2? When you find one, do let me know. Of course, there’s the so-called 4G when you’re on the road; but let’s admit it – when you’re on the road, you’re on the road – you use your iPad mostly in and around the city in Wi-Fi areas.
  • Playing Games: Not all games are exclusively built for the new iPad. So it is better to wait for the iTunes Store to get crowded.
  • Video Calls: It is connection speed that lets you make great quality video calls on the 10-inch device, iPad 2 or  not.
  • Watching 3D Videos: With iPad 2, anaglyphic and 3D videos look great. Just get your 3D videos into your iPad either from the cloud or through conversion of your 3D DVD movie; or better yet, through AirVideo. Then put on those glasses. You’re set.

Of course one cannot deny the fact that the new iPad is supposed to provide better experience, but if you don’t want to part from your money soon, then iPad 2 works just great.


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