speaking of bruce almighty

Bruce Nolan is a small-time TV reporter with some big-time expectations. When things begin to go against his expectations in his career, he sees his life rolling down a hill. And there’s no sign of him trying to stop or to get his life back on track. Thus, with great inner force he accuses God as the primary reason of his downfall. He complains to him, he calls him names, and on one occasion he calls him a mean Mighty Smiter.

And thus God appears. Dressed as Morgan Freeman, he summons Bruce to his office, and bestows all his powers upon Bruce. He also gives Bruce a very good tip, “that’s the beauty of things: no matter how dirty they get, you can always clean them up”. God is happy, and Bruce is happy – but there is only one catch. Bruce can enjoy all powers, but meanwhile he is required to carry out the responsibilities of God.

Can he do it? Can Bruce solve all the problems of the world? Or does he realize that being a God is not as easy as it seems; after all; with great power comes great responsibility!


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