effective fake identity generator

Here’s one, a fake identity generator. It lets you select your name set, such as a Hobbit name, a Finnish name, a Japanese name or whatever you select. Additionally, it lets you select your country. For example, I selected a Hobbit name set with Australia as my country. Further, I selected my gender as 100 % male and age 30 years. After that when I hit the Generate button, it provided my fake identity as follows:

Bodo Brownlock
38 Baker Street
Green Valley WA 6330

Phone:(08) 9069 3632
Mother's Maiden name: Tûk
Occupation:Ticket agent
Company:Hit or Miss
Weight:203.5 pounds (92.5 kilograms)
Height:5' 9" (175 centimetres)

What more, it also generates a QR code based on the fake information. Mine looked like this.


Go on now, generate as many identities that you like, on this fake identity generator. Just don’t forget to save your QR codes; they look awesome. And while you’re at it, take a look at this.


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