yet another super alphabet

A really creative Neil Cameron at his site, has created one of the most badass alphabets ever. We are thankful that they don’t teach this one to kids at school. But if they did, just imagine how many PhD’s would come up as experts on Buffy, Edna, Gundam, Hager, Joss and the rest. So without further ado, here are some highlights of the alphabet:

  • A is for Aztecs in Atomic Armour Attacking Anomalous Amphibians
  • B is for Buffy Bravely Battling Beelzebub
  • D is for Doctor Who Defeating Doctor Doom in a Deadly Disco Dance-Off
  • F is for The Fantastic Four saving the Finnish ambassador From Fred Flintstone, who's Flinging Flaming Fajitas at his Ford Fiesta
  • G is for Galactus Geeking out with his Glove puppets of Gundam and Godzilla
  • H is for Hagar the Horrible Hacking Hello Kitty in Half
  • I is for Indiana Jones Inching away from an Inebriated Ironman
  • J is for Joss. Just Joss.

The full alphabet is on this page, given as a very good illustration.


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