hitman leon, aka the professional

Leon is a loner. He is a hitman with only one passion – a passion for his job. Therefore he trains himself well, keeps his senses alert, loves his weapons and makes no mistakes. He is simply the best hitman in town.

One day when he sees the entire family of his neighbour murdered in cold blood over a matter of cocaine information, he has but no choice to welcome to his life the sole survivor of the family, a twelve-year old girl. Matilda, an extra-ordinary girl with a fierce appetite for revenge of the murder, is ready to take on any job from hitman Leon. She even demands to become his apprentice. But he has nothing to offer to Matilda. So where does the story go?

In an interesting plot by Luc Besson, viewers are once again charmed by his flair for creative story-telling. Hitman Jean Reno is bold, the turns in the narrative are steep, the actions are credible and Natalie Portman is superb in her first ever silver-screen appearance in Leon.


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