i, robot with will smith

Sunny is smart, clever and unique. He has extreme love and dedication towards his father. He feels belonged when spoken to kindly, and feels angry when posed with unnecessary questions repeatedly. It makes his feel irritated. Sunny is not a child; he is a robot. He feels he is unique.

When Chicago detective Spooner begins the investigation of the death of Alfred Lanning, Sunny is brought into the case as a major suspect. He tries to run away from the police, but Spooner plays tough on him. After all, Lanning is not just another dead guy – he is the biggest name in robotics, and the founder of USR, one of the most powerful companies on the planet. Besides, Lanning means a world to Spooner himself.

Dr. Lanning made Sunny unique – in function and capability. He created a robot that could dream. He created a robot that is one step up the robolutionary ladder. Why? Why would Lanning create a marvel of robotics and then die by the most baffling means ever?

I, Robot is one of a kind of a robot movie. Depicted in a society ahead of ours in time, the story is one hard riddle for Converse-loving, robot-hating detective Spooner.


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