an automatic complaint-generator

Parts of what follows below were actually painful to write. However, because of the on-going misinformation campaigns launched by Mr Manish Adhockery and his apostles I feel it is my duty to write this. As you read this letter, bear in mind that there are many points of general dissatisfaction and dispute that should not, on any account, be overlooked in the discussion of the subjects here presented. One of these is that if Manish can overawe and befuddle a sufficient number of prominent individuals then it will become virtually impossible for anyone to defy Manish. He's like an evil genius except without the "genius" part, and deep down in our bones, we all know why. There is one final irony to my story. It is legitimate to have misgivings about lethargic worrywarts who provoke terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction.

The above paragraph was not written by me – it was generated using an automatic complaint-letter generator on this site. It lets you generate complaint-letters against a person or against a company. Give it a try, and you’ll be amazed how you can vent off your anger in no time! If you like, there is also an iPhone application called iComplain. I say, this generator serves as one of the coolest anger-vent programs available on the market, which you realize at once when you start reading the automatically generated complaint. I decided to do an additional single-paragraph complaint against a hypothetical company called HypoWratho, and here’s the complaint.

In all my letters, I try harder than anything else to make myself clear. I try to state things as simply and unambiguously as I can because I find that that's the best way to convince my readers that the popularity of HypoWratho's blandishments among thrasonical, depraved jackanapes is a harbinger of scary things to come. To begin with, HypoWratho's litigious spin doctors are nothing more than subservient blobs of easily controlled protoplasm. That's why they're so willing to help HypoWratho take over society's eyes, ears, mind, and spirit. Okay, this letter has become much too long so I'll just jump right to the punchline: HypoWratho's oleaginous machinations involve a gradual abandonment of concern for reason or evidence and rely on propaganda to maintain public support.


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