unfailing a failed mission

Astronaut Jim Lovell is looking forward to land on the moon; and after six months of rigorous training and simulation, he is ready for lift-off. As the day of launch approaches, one of the three crew members is disallowed (probably due to internal politics) to travel, brining in astronaut Jack who has had no training for months, and who is mostly shown pursuing his sexual interests. Thus a crew of three embarks, one of whom could be considered a guest astronaut.

During the journey, when Jack is doing his routine instrumentation inspection he hits a wrong button, bringing havoc to the vehicle Odyssey along with her crew. Danger ensues, following a loud voice of Jim Lovell at the command center – Houston, we have a problem!

Watch Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon and others to experience a true event in history – and an impossible attempt to un-fail a failed mission, in Apollo 13.


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