a con-movie from bollywood

Mysterious A is a sophisticated thief who chooses only the most precious items as his loots around the world. The police is baffled every time after seeing his signature ‘A’ in place of the item he just stole. But ACP Jai Dixit, a bright and promising young officer of Mumbai Police sees a pattern in the thefts of A. He knows the location of the next theft, and tires to out-think A, one step at a time.

Thus begins a chase that takes them to Rio, and a series of interesting events surrounding the theft of the first coins minted by human hands.

You are invited to watch Dhoom 2, a con-movie from Bollywood, that is interesting in the core, original in story-telling, and convincing to the heart and mind. The plot is great, and they have English subtitles, too.


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