beautiful design for beautiful lifestyle

Beautiful Life is an online magazine dedicated to all aspects of design, featuring interesting and unique information about creative design, beautiful art and luxury lifestyle.


There are a number of excellent design samples, such as a digital mechanic clock that displays time in a very unusual way. With every single minute, a few of the small bars in the numbers move or spread over the black surface to disappear in the frame, while the rest regroup to show the current time.

Another one is an interesting "smart" house featuring full automation and ability of independent existence. It has roof covered with solar panels, it can collect fresh water from rains, it has toilets that are connected to the compost container in the basement, where all the organic waste will be converted into clean, dry compost that needs to be removed only twice a year. All functions of the house are monitored by an array of sensors, and regulated by a house brain that can be controlled trough any laptop computer. Capable of adjusting a family of four, theoretically, this house could be built even in the desert or even on a mountain top.

Featured here is yet another beautiful design – the Urban Forest. This construction is designed as a cylindrical skyscraper made from multiple floors of different shapes and sizes which have been layered slightly off-center from one another. Each floor has a large glass gallery, from which is very convenient to overlook the city panorama. It is a very spectacular idea but at the same time it’s interesting to see when this skyscraper will be built.

Check out their homepage for great inspirational designs.


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