the story of the fockers

Jack Byrnes is wondering what sort of parents would name their son Gaylord Focker, and before giving his daughter's hands to the son, he wants to meet such parents. So Jack takes out his ultra-sophisticated personal RV for a trip to visit the Fockers in Miami.  Greg cancels the already-made airlines reservation. Pam carries her little nephew L.J. and Dina packs her bags. Hence the journey begins.

When they arrive in Miami it's a nightmare for jack, and it doesn't take him days to decide what he should do... to try to discontinue his daughter's relationship with Greg. He tries everything under the Sun to make Greg appear unfit for Pam, but only if he knew his daughter Pam was pregnant!

By setting a whirlwind of events and confusions, Meet the Fockers does well to give a full-stop to what had begun in Meet the Parents.


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