three heist up: ocean’s thirteen

Willy Bank has opened a new hotel in the heart of Las Vegas, and in the process, has broken the heart of his lifelong friend and partner Reuben. Now Reuben is taken to bed with very little hopes of recovering.

When Reuben’s friend Danny Ocean learns this truth, he once again assembles his trustees and friends for revenge with Willy Bank. With a team of twelve, Ocean makes a plan to rob Bank’s casinos on its opening night, but there is a little problem – the casino’s security system. Equipped with advanced real-time monitoring systems and a sophisticated artificial intelligence, the Greco security system bows down only to natural disasters.

So how do they work around that? You are invited to witness one of the greatest heists in the history of Las Vegas, in Ocean’s Thirteen.

And while you’re at it, you might want to check out one heist up and two heist up.


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