back to the future four

Is there a chance of Back to the Future 4 hitting the screens? Are they going to continue the trilogy into a quad-ro-logy or a pent-o-logy or a hex-o-logy of some sort? Since the last of the trilogy came in 1990, many fans around the world have been waiting for the next episode. It’s been eleven years, and the question is, will the fourth part ever be made?

Back to the Future

Oh! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Doc Brown again – with one of his charming inventions, and wouldn’t you love to see Marty again in all his innocence and passion for adventure? Being a fan of the trilogy don’t you sometimes wonder why the initiatives are not being taken? Don’t you speculate now and then whenever you flip through your DVD collection, about the minute-est jokes and sequences the trilogy has to offer? Don’t you think about Biff Tannen, Griff Tannen and even about Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen, all of whom hate manure?

Don’t you seriously miss their adventures? I do.

As Buford said it, “Boys, we got ourselves a new nostalgia – it’s high time we had a screening!


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