meet alfie from the city

How often do your good deeds go unpaid? And your bad deeds? The consequences of his actions finally crash down upon a womanizer, that force him to consider the bigger questions of his life.

Alfie is a modern-day manifestation of Don Juan. His peculiar way with women causes him numerous successes with them. Blonde, brunette, red-head…you name them. Women think he is a big-time catch, and Alfie never fails to grab every opportunity of that thought. At the end of the day he is always on top.

Enter Nikki. She makes Alfie feel great at first. Over the days, the charm diminishes, and eventually one rainy night she is compelled to leave Alfie forever. Clearly, Alfie is hurt from within, with high waves of regrets sweeping through him.

Will Alfie overcome the pain, or will he forever wander the dark lanes of despair? It’s worth finding out.


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