shoot your pictures in 3D

Fujifilm, the maker of cameras and camera accessories has made available one of the first 3D cameras for sale. According to its website, the 3D camera can efficiently replicate colours with with 10 megapixel sensor.

Traditional cameras have been able to shoot and display frames in two dimensions, but this one can capture a third dimension: depth. the trick is to add a second lens. While the first lens does the routine 2D work, the second lens does a magical job of capturing the inherent depth. Two separate processors, built inside, then mix the two into a composite image that can be viewed normally on a 3D LCD monitor, thereby providing a richer experience. Or if you don’t want to invest on a 3D monitor, the camera has one built-in – so there is not an actual need for that. But it’s a good idea to get one, because more digital content will eventually require 3D viewing in coming years. And did I say that the camera has a 2D shooting/viewing mode as well?

Finepix 3D

With the cost of electronics spare-parts going down, 3D cameras really have a potential in the mass market. It’s just that a few more competitors are required on the arena.


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