the essence of url shortening

URL shortening is massively popular in recent years, and needless to say, you encounter at least a few shortened URL’s daily. Is the phenomenon just a passing phase, like a child tearing off the crust of bread, or is there something more to it?

In recent years, microblogging sites such as Twitter and Tumblr have emerged as strong links in the chain of social networking. Albeit popular, they pose a grand question – one of usability! For instance, what purpose can Twitter serve, with a look that forever stares blandly on your face with a text-box asking you that eternally profound question – what are you doing? Please, can you answer it in exactly 140 character?

When Twitter started out, it was meant to be a fun mobile application but today it has become a necessity for social network marketing. Not quite what the founders had in mind! And thus with online marketing, Twitter now has proved itself worthwhile, which is why, marketers use it so much. With a limited space of 140 characters, the strategy is to convey a description along with the shortened weblink.

Next up, it’s the gazillion handhelds and smartphones that are still a pain-in-the-ass when it comes to typing long paragraphs. A short and quick line of text would suffice the purpose, and complete the essence, of microblogging.

Thus, mobile marketing is the right answer – for marketers, consumers and everyone in between. So, lets shorten some URL’s and tweet them, to let everyone know what you are doing!


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