2010.01.02 – happy palindrome day

Whenever we write date, we are used to a number of date formats such as

  • yy.MM.dd
  • M/d/yyyy
  • M/d/yy
  • MM/dd/yy
  • MM/dd/yyyy
  • yy/MM/dd
  • yyyy/MM/dd
  • dd/MMM/yy
  • yyyy MMMM dd, dddd
  • dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy
  • MMMM dd, yyyy
  • dddd, dd MMMM, yyyy
  • dd MMMM, yyyy
  • ddd MMM yyy
  • and a lot of such variations.

Thus, many people around the world being accustomed to using long date format <yyyy.MM.dd> as in <2010.01.02 – two thousand ten january two>, it seems only sensible to greet someone on this day with a Happy Palindrome Day!


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