drawing a thought

Are you the one who likes to paint, or draw, but couldn’t pursue painting as a career or a hobby?

Sometime during school, drawing as a subject is put on pressure by maths and science. Gradually, like slow intoxication, you see the Periodic Table and Algebra murdering your drawing skills. Later in high school and college, you forget there’s something called art while being dumped in a heap of Calculus, Hydrostatics and Electromagnetic Fields. Childhood hobbies begin to backfire as soon as you graduate from college amidst confusion, hope and empty pockets. If only you had pursued what you had desired in the first place…

Sound familiar? Welcome to the band!

At the present day it’s easier to manage the resources to learn and pursue drawing as a career or a serious hobby. You can find a long list of web sites that provide you the training, the skills and finally, the market. Here are some handpicked web sites that might help you find the inner artist in you thereby helping you put Michelangelo Simoni to shame!


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