who is anthony – anthony kaun hai

Hitman Master Madan is hired to silence reporter Anthony Gonsalvez. But the man calling himself Anthony Gonsalvez whom Madan is rightly about to shoot in the head is not Anthony Gonsalvez. So where lies the confusion? Welcome to the show.

While trying to solve the puzzle, Master Madan learns the extraordinary but true adventures of the elusive Champak Chaudhary who goes by the alias Anthony Gonsalvez. Champak narrates his own stories, as Madan listens passionately until in the end Madan develops a liking for Champak.

You are invited to witness a story beautifully told where the plots are benevolently elaborated and generously complimented by appropriate sounds, words and colours. Anthony Kaun Hai is definitely an exciting movie!


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