sky captain and the world of tomorrow

When Hindenburg III docks in an alternative 1939 New York on a winter morning, onboard scientist Dr. Vargus is found missing. “Chronicle” reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) follows up on the story to find that eleven eminent scientists are missing from around the world. As the story unfolds she learns about an overlying suspicion, that all of them might have been kidnapped by an evil genius called Totenkopf, and taken to a secret laboratory on the outskirts of Berlin. The intentions of Totenkopf are vague, as is the rumor that Totenkopf is set to destroy the Earth.

Polly joins Joe (Jude Law), an old flame and chief of an elite squadron of independent air force fighters. Joseph Sullivan, Joe, is in search of his friend Dex, believed to have been kidnapped by Totenkopf; and Polly is in search of an extraordinary story for her newspaper. With the help of scattered clues set throughout the movie they travel around the world looking for Totenkopf. Their quick visit to Nepal to meet ally Kaji creates a turn that leads them to stranger places and allies, keeping them on the right track.

Done entirely in blue screen, "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" is an ideal retro-style adventure filled with unique futuristic machineries like flying airstrips, giant invading robots, skycars, ray-guns, jet-packs, ornithopters, amphibious aircrafts and last but not the least, genetically modified creatures.Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is sure to keep you glued to the seat until credits roll!


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