winamp global hotkeys

Global Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that you can use from within any running application. The primary hotkeys in Winamp provide you a functional control of actions when the player is running.

  • Play Ctrl+Alt+Insert
  • Pause Ctrl+Alt+Home
  • Stop Ctrl+Alt+End
  • Previous in playlist Ctrl+Alt+Page Up
  • Next in playlist Ctrl+Alt+Page Down
  • Volume up Ctrl+Alt+Up
  • Volume down Ctrl+Alt+Down
  • Forward Ctrl+Alt+Right
  • Rewind Ctrl+Alt+Left
  • Jump to box Ctrl+Alt+J
  • Open file dialog Ctrl+Alt+L

Hotkeys are handy, especially if you keep your Winamp minimized, and also absent from view, all the time. I love Winamp for many of its features, such as low usage of resources, wonderful plug-ins availability, ease of use and its ability to play almost anything that you throw at it. Besides, you can create a lot of hotkeys and associate desired actions accordingly, in an easy way. Why not give it a try!


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