the most boring page on the internet

Some people are born boring; others like John Ingram, thrust boredom upon the rest of the world. And so as we tread upon the gargantuan bog called the Internet, we slip and wonder: why? Why did John Ingram create a site that has nothing but just 413 (exactly) words of text? Why did he create a site that has no meaning, no reason to exist, and no way to earn him even a cent, forget a fortune?

But it takes all kinds, and Ingram is one of those. He is rational in his thought, grammatically correct in his writing (although) for some reason he hates capital letters), and has enough reasons to keep the world’s most boring site alive at all times since its “founding” in 1996. Is that why his site has now been translated into 12 languages including Finnish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, and, hold your breath, ladies and gentleman, Pig Latin? World War II is obviously history since here we have a German as well as a Hebrew translation sitting right next to each other. The site, Ingram informs us, was created in DOS-edit (yes, you can do that!), and was meant to escape the humongous GIF-animated and Flash sites. This is where you come for a break after spending hours and hours visiting various sites. A sort of virgin beach in the Seychelles after visiting the crowds of New York, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong!


XayaN said…
sure that ain't boring than your blog page! (at least for me) with all these SCI-Fi, and Technology driven blog....
nth goes inside my brain except that is english language!! |can't help|
Manu said…
ain't it wonderful that itz all rit'n in a language that everyone, particularly you, can understand?

"yo... homie.. whatz rockin' in da hood?" :( maybe I could entertain you with some cool homeboy african american english or so?

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