an inflating flashbag

This is a flash drive. A flashbag, more accurately. When it is empty, it is slim and as data is filled into it, the bag starts to inflate until it is full. How ingenious! The creators have applied micro- pumps to achieve this, as stated in their site. When the device is about to blow off, it gives a message - "There is not enough free space". At times when it is not plugged in, it remains inflated relative to the amount of data it is holding. There are other innovative products from the creators of flashbag - such as C'ALL future phone, Balloophone, AllTunes, GMEA, Trings and Remobeads. Great, PlusMinus! Kudos to your grey cells.


nira said…
Rish, I dont know where and how you find all these stuffs but I love this one! :D
aeolus said…
I agree with Nira...where do u find all these stuffs. But i should say your blog is good place to visit not only for some shopping but to increase technological knowledege.
Manu said…
Where do I find these stuffs? I guess that a bit of wilfer in me did find this amazing pen drive.

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