extract video clips from vcd

Use VirtualDub to extract a portion of video. This is a very useful feature of VirtualDub. With it you can extract a portion of a movie and save it. Put the movie CD in your CD drive and open VirtualDub. Here, we are going to just extract the movie file and are not applying any compression to it. To enable compression, you will need Video Codecs such as xVid or Indeo. Now make sure the following settings are qpplied in VirtualDub: Options > Preferences > "Output Color Depth" should be "Match Display Depth", "Display" should be set to "Use DirectX for displaying panes". Under the menu Video > Compression should be set to 'Uncompressed RGB/YCbCr' and under the menu Audio > Directsream Copy.

After the options are saved, select the portion that you want to extract. Just move the Timeline slider until you reach the starting point of the scene you want to extract. Press HOME to mark the start position of the selection. Now move the slider until you reach the end position of the scene you want to extract. Press END to mark the end position of the selection. Now, go to File > Save as AVI or press F7. In the Save As dialog box, specify where you want this file to be saved, hit ENTER, and you are done.

via digit 2005.01


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