floppy gone sloppy

I was in grade 5 when I first touched a floppy disk - a flat 5.25" B drive disk. It was a new thing for my hands, the touch of which I liked very much. With great enthusiasm, I showed it and explained it (from what my dad had explained me) to my friends the next day in school; and for many days, I was the hero of my class. That was in 1992. Two years later we actually started studying computers in school, and it was then that we bought our first floppy-disk for 50R. Those 5.25" were gone and were replaced by the new 3.25" 2HD floppies.

All of us starting computers from mid-90's have had experiences somewhat similar to this. The floppy was the only thing which enabled us to carry around those wonderful MS-DOS games, like Dave, Digger, Baghchal, TT6, Hangman, Fallout, Brick, Dots, Sticks, and of course, Tetris. That was the age of dBase III+, WordPerfect 5.1, Lotus 1-2-3 and GW-BASIC - where floppies were the inevitably essential stuff to carry around programs and files.

And now, after the advent of heavy-duty USB drives, see what has happend to those harmless squares? Once reigning the entire world, today they either sit lousily under coffee mugs or else, are found in the junkyard - such a sad downfall of such a great thing!

However, if you enjoy DIY's, there's something to do with those sloppy floppies - why not open those dusty racks and take out some of those square pieces - red and black and blue and green and white and yellow and pink - and why not make a bag out of it? As shown here, that is.


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