84 kbps for 750R

Yeah, 84 kbps night-surfer offer from Wlink with a price tag of 750 Rupees. It's a pathetic comparision with this offer, however, our Kathmandu is a growing city - with its own competitions and infrastructure! So, this is a modest offer from Wlink. Below is a brief telephone conversation with a customer-care lady at Worldlink, where I attempted to subscribe to their BROADband Inernet connection.

Hello. Worldlink?
I need a broadband internet connection - can you transfer the line to the section?
What section?
The section that offers net connection.
It's here.
My friend has taken a 84 kbps night surfer connection. I was wondering if I can have it installed.
It's expired.
Any similar offers?

Honestly speaking, I was fed up at this point because of her limited-words-response. At most, she would speak three or four words in a sentence, and that too, in a curt manner as if she has to pay for every word she spoke. That was enough hearing, so I decided to eat her head.

Are you single?
I said are you single or married?
What kind of a nonesense question is this?
Why nonesense? Is it illegal to ask a sweet-voiced lady whether she is single or not?
Who are you speaking?
I am a humble customer of Wlink - at your service. Isn't that plain enough?
What do you mean?
I mean I have some plans. Are you free on Thursday? I wish to hear more of your beautiful voice.

From the other side some giggles were audible... hee..hee..hee.
Probably other customer-care babes!

After a brief pause, she said in a bold voice:

I am sorry sir. I am going elsewhere on Thursday.
But I have some plans for Thursday evening and I cannot do alone by myself.

More giggles and more moments of pause, after which she finally said:

Who are you speaking? [... more of those haa..haa... hee...heez...in the background]
I already told you, I am a Wlink customer seeking for broadband internet connection at home. If there is no such offer, then hopefully I'll take dial-up connection. About computers I know nothing, so if you're free on Thursday, can you help me install it?

Hardly had I finished my sentence, she put down the receiver with a bang. Mud-dhum ko gussa aaya hoga!

........ such are my tele-adventures with a marketing lady....... And then I moved on to the number of another ISP.


Are you in KTM now???
Okay, let me tell you.... i have been using wlink for past few years... last few months, broadband.... it is pretty okay... but i would say, if you can have fiiberonline (fol), take it up... its much better....

Usually wlink faces problems in the evening..... i havent used any other.... wlink at home and fol in office... and fol is definitely better.... anyways, good luck!

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