hieroglyphic "rishi"

... so this is how they wrote my name in the Old kingdom?

Undoubtedly all the TV shows and books and magazines, including all advertising media, which describe Egypt as the land of mystery, the land of the Great Pyramids or that of Pharaohs; and at times culminated by Hollywood or any motion picture industry for that matter, as an interesting subject, Egypt has remained a land yet to explore. Truly, this is an explorer's paradise, or one would simply say: a land for "detectives of knowledge" - one piece of interesting stone here, a scarred statue there, or a wall full of strange pictures of strange creatures - my god, what were those guys thinking, while carving on a wall in a hot summer afternoon in 4500 BC? It definitely takes a wise detective to find out.

Look at the Pyramids, for example - what are those huge structures doing in the middle of the desert? Some say that the site of Pyramids (Giza) was a cultivated, lush green area and the majestic Nile (so called because it is the only majesty in Egypt) used to flow silently across the farms - that's why they decided to build them there. But how come? If you look at this hybrid map, the plateau of Giza is way apart from Nile, and the shortest distance between any point of the river and the Pyramids is at least 8 km. This is distance between the Pyramids in Giza and Nile corniche in Maadi, as the crow flies. Whatever.

All that I'm interested right now is my name in hieroglyphic writing.


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