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It was some years back [1997], we were in a science institute with biology major. While most of our time expected to be on studies, we were playing around with one quite popular piece of software called HammerHead Rhythm Station. It was quite a powerful program capable of engrossing us into hours and hours of practice, with its handy design and beautiful output. Yes, it's all about sound - HH RS produced drum beats, snares, etc. in a progressive manner so that the final output was a piece of musical loop. Well, we played with it for a while and then lost the interest - as usual. Then it was dumped in some corner of a cd-R and forgotten for good.
Then in 2003, I was engaged in a sort of expo cum market, where I was required to produce a piece of music for the inaugration. I'm not a musician or anything close to it, but somebody wanted me for the job just because I loved to play with sound all the time with whatever tools I could manage. At that time I used Cooledit 2.0 to do some piece of loops. It was not selected for the inaugration but I got a chance to play with it a lot. I downloaded every piece of loop compatible for Cooledit and also kept track of the program itself. Then came Cooledit 2.1 and then 2.1 Pro and eventually it was sold (along with its company SYNTRILIUM SOFTWARE and all the associated copyrights) to Adobe Systems for USD 18 million. This I heard in the news, where it was said that Adobe will be renaming the program to Audition. Finally there it was, Adobe Audition 1.0 with an update available. They made the minor changes to copyright notices and made a whole new help file (in fact the Cooledit's version of help was better) but kept the skin, the front face and the rest, intact.
First, HH RS and then Cooledit and then Fruity Loops and then Sonic Foundry Vegas, and then Cakewalk Sonar Pro and then the list would be a long one with every little piece of software we ever tried, and the bottom line is - today I found a link to HH RS describing Cooledit - at first I thought that Cooledit is the evolved form of HH RS, which is why I was so surprised to find the connection between those two programs and my experience - and decided to write about those two here; but now, when I was just beginning this paragraph, I found that the description of Cooledit in the site of HHRS was just a link to some sound producing software available at that time in the market. Check for details.


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