am I an iVideot?

Read this and check this out.

It seems that the Internet is gradually opening doors to a not-so-entirely new room - watching TV. A few of the tasks everyone ever does daily on the Internet can be generalized into a flexible list of topics like email, news, chat, up/down-load, messaging, blog, infoseek, etc, but... how about watching daily videos?

Some sites like Atomfilms, Youtube and Break have been on the scene for some time now, relaying streaming video transfer around the globe, depending upon user requests. And I can say for sure, that sites like these are great resource for budding Peter Jacksons and Clint Eastwoods, where users can post or watch videos. But for dialup users like me - this is a weep-weep scenario because of the "please-wait-time" during buffering.

Clearly, I remember the day when I was seven or maybe eight and an uncle used to work with a television-like white screen, attached to yet another white box that displayed glowing numbers and he used to write using a board with numbers and alphabets on it. I had asked him, "Uncle, can I watch spiderman on this white TV of yours?" And he had laughed, saying, "This is a computer, all you can do is write your name in white colour."

I miss you, Thapa uncle - I'm sure you'd be surprised if you read this post.


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